FICTION FRIDAY: Next Door Neighbor

So I'm still in flashback mode for now, but since it's Friday the 13th, I had to share this particular piece with you. I'm not one to write a lot of horror, though I'd love to try some day, and this is likely the closest I've gotten. But I still like this, and I wish … Continue reading FICTION FRIDAY: Next Door Neighbor


I've used that title for so many things over the years, and I'm never going to get tired of it. The origin is a Kurt Vonnegut story by the same name, about a man with little personality of his own but when he's given a part in a play, he becomes utterly immersed into the … Continue reading NANOWRIMO IS COMING: Who Am I This Time?

Inspiration Wednesdays: Dance Break!

I've decided to move my old inspiration newsletter to a blog post instead, thus consolidating and making for a better archive. The standard format will change a bit, however, now that it's on the blog. Since Thursdays are usually set aside for writing help and tips of the trade, as it were, I'm not going … Continue reading Inspiration Wednesdays: Dance Break!