Hi everyone!

This is the official blog of author K Orion Fray – or Rion, for short. Here, I’ll talk a little about the writing process, a little about my own works, a little about other works I like, and then also a little about other things I happen to like. So you never quite know what you’re going to get from day to day, but I’ll try and give you a little something to extrapolate from here.

I write novels aimed at a range from high-school aged students to twenty and thirty-somethings. I like to attack the transition periods – from high school to college, from college into the work force, from child and young adulthood into the full-fledged adult world. I think it’s a segment easily looked over – and I think that’s unfortunate.

I like focusing on character more than anything else. I think that a person can be a story just as much as a plot can, and I like to show each character as they make their way through the journey the plot takes them on.

Outside of my writing, I love to read new and upcoming fiction – check out my Recommended Reading page for books that I’ve liked a great deal; it’s always growing), I love photography, cooking, wine tasting, travel, voice acting, video games, anime conventions and cosplay (and anime/manga in general!), playing my guitar, and generally spending time with my family and cats. I try to keep eclectic, so that I never run out of interesting ideas to write about – and so far, it’s worked quite well!

Beyond that, I work as a server for a small cafe, do some audiobook narration freelance work, earned my MFA in Creative Writing from Carlow University in Pittsburgh, PA back in December of 2015, and I live near Richmond, VA.

Enjoy your stay!
– Rion


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