Long Time No Write

Wow, sorry about the huge dearth of posts. My life has been a little up in the air for the past month, but now that it’s looking like it might settle down, here’s an update for you all.

I might even talk about writing and books a little!

So, on the personal front – I’m moving to a different place, out on my own away from my parents, for the first time since college (and that’s not really out on your own). I took a new job out there, hoping to catch some hours at the branch of my current job in the evening as a second source on income, and I’m absolutely petrified. It’s a crazy jump, but I’m moving somewhere that I have friends, and where there are more opportunities for me as a writer. (Says the person that just tried to spell “opportunities” like nine times before letting Firefox fix it for me.) I’m really hopeful about this, and looking forward to the change. I am not so much looking forward to packing all of my belongings and shipping them 3 hours away. XD

Also, I haven’t had a book review in a while. Not that I haven’t been reading! Just that I’ve been reading other things. My grad school residency required me to read three books and a short story, and then offer critique on them. I’d do reviews on those, but it feels odd to me. I read The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. Wicked by Gregory Maguire. The Maltese Falcon but Dashiell Hammett. Somehow, as a twenty-something author in graduate school, I don’t feel I have much business writing reviews about those books. I might tackle Falcon later on, simply because I have feelings about it – maybe Wicked too – oh hell, maybe that’ll be my next post. They’ll probably just be shorter things though.

(I say this now.)

But now that I’m finished with those books, I’ll be getting back to Dearly, Beloved and reviewing that – so that after that, I can review the book that Lia taught me I’d like! (Still holding out on the title there, though. ^^) By the by, while I’m reading them still, I would definitely recommend going out and reading Dearly, Departed, the first in the “Gone with the Respiration” series by Lia Habel. (I love that series name.) Then buy Dearly, Beloved because Bram and Nora will utterly suck you in and if they don’t, I am very sorry.

In terms of my own writing, I continue to work on A Rather Large Puddle since that’s what I’ve been using as my work in graduate school, and I’m slowly piecing together Quest to Karantiri for serialization on my digitalNovelists page. Writing prompts in the world has really rekindled my love for the characters, and I’m looking forward to introducing them to the rest of you.

Other than that, I’ve just been working! Life in the bakery is rough around holidays, and Easter is a big bakery holiday, what with carrot cakes and cream pies and so on and so forth. So I’ve been clocking all the hours there, and then driving back and forth from job interview and home again on my only days off… It’s been hectic.

I’m looking forward to putting my nose back to the grindstone, and getting some words out on the page again! Thank you all for your awesome support!


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