Followup Friday

Yeah, I’m good with these titles today.

So I only got one response to my blog last week, who said they were in favor of seeing Hunter’s escapades as long as I wasn’t entirely burning myself out.

The trouble is, for a combination of reasons, I am kinda burning myself out. Real life stress, work stress, anxiety issues in general…it’s just felt like it was mounting on a bit. The other trouble is, I don’t know what I want to replace it with right now.

I was thinking of a prompt call, but then realized that I don’t have access to my old website’s files anymore since the server swap, and thus I’ll have to recreate the page from scratch. While I can try doing that, it’s not going to happen today.

So here’s what I’m thinking for now: Over the next week or so, I’m going to start rebuilding the prompt call page. Next Friday, I’ll post one last Tales (for now) simply because there’s one more story I absolutely have to tell sooner rather than later, and then call it a hiatus for a little. ON SATURDAY, JULY 9TH, I’ll open up the first prompt call of the new site. (As I look at this, it’s going to be interesting, since the 9th is the day I move. Hmmmmm.)

THIS IS WHAT I NEED FROM YOU. Give me some ideas for what you’d like to see the theme of the call be. For example, in previous years I’ve had “luck” (of the Irish or otherwise) be a theme for March. We’ve done Valentine’s Day themes in February. I’ve done “give me the first sentence.” We’ve done war/strife. I’m up for pretty much any idea, specific or general. Since it will be July, we could do summer themes? Beach themes? Independence/holiday themes? Picnics? Maybe you don’t care about the month at all and you just want to know more about some fictional world of mine? Who knows! I want your suggestions.

Give me some ideas, I’ll give you some stories, we all go home happy. Yeah? Yeah. (Right? Of course right.)

I’ll see you all on Monday, luminaries. Cheers!


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