Filler Post

Alas, you should be getting a book review today. I’ve even started the book I’m supposed to be reviewing. But for shame, I have not finished it.

I’ve got this book and then one more, which I’m hoping to review both of early in November. After that, I’ll be taking the month off from reviews until December starts. I don’t want to completely burn myself out, and if I try to do NaNo and my job AND the reviews…I think I’ll fall apart. So.

I apologize for the lack of review. I may see if there’s something else I can put here for November; any of you have an idea? Fridays will continue to be fiction pieces (probably snippets of my NaNo novel) and Mondays will be check-in days. Anything you’d like to see on Wednesdays? I think I’ve posted my NaNo emails before, as bits of encouragement. Would you like that again?

Let me know in the comments. I’m open for suggestions.


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