Time and Management Thereof

So today is usually where you’d see a book review from me, and clearly this is not a book review. It’s going to be a very quick post telling you what’s up.

The short form is that I’m having trouble balancing my time between my new job and the rest of my life at the moment. I haven’t read much of anything since I started the job at the beginning of the month. And I don’t want to rush out content for you just for the sake of having content. I’ve also been having trouble with my video recording software by only recording at 1-2 frames a second, and being about a minute behind itself. (And that’s quite possibly not an exaggeration.) I’m also working on a couple of audiobooks and that’s taking up most of my non-workday time at the moment.

I want to be able to provide you with good content and not completely burn myself out. So I’m just letting you know that I might be absent for a bit. I’m hoping to pick up soon, but I’m not going to give you any promises. With luck, I’ll be back by July.

Thanks for hanging in there, everyone. 🙂



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