I…may be having trouble getting up and moving on this again. >.>


If nothing else, I did just update my Patreon? So hey, that’s a thing you can check out. ANYWHO LET’S TALK ABOUT SOMETHING MORE INTERESTING

Being in a new job is really fascinating, especially one that I have some very basic understanding of from prior work–and yet still manage to be utterly ignorant. When I first moved down to Richmond, my first job here was for an insurance underwriting company. Granted, I worked in the commercial insurance section, and now I’m working predominantly in personal lines, but some of the same terminology has stayed. (Even some of the same companies! That was fun.) I know what a binder is, I know the difference between a captive agent and an independent, that kind of stuff. The basics.

Then again, I got a call today where I was asked an incredibly simple question, and still didn’t know the answer. (Google to the rescue! It gave me an easy-to-understand answer in very short order.) I’m very good at sounding like I know what I’m talking about. Less so good at actually knowing what I’m talking about. (Liability limits? What? IT’S JUST 50/100 I DON’T KNOW WHAT IT MEANS) But I’m having fun, and my bosses are awesome. (And they have the cutest son on the planet.)

Home continues to be the land of desperate attempts to sleep, record audiobook stuff, and play Stardew Valley all at the same time, while also working on my next book. (About…one of these has gone well. I bet you can guess which. And it’s not sleep.) As much as I keep saying it, I do really think I’m getting back into a good routine, and I’m hopeful that my world will get turned right side up again soon. Living in this chaos has really been not even remotely fun.

On the family side, my dad is still hunting for a job, after being laid off back in November. It’s been rough on the whole family, and I know it’s wearing on him. Mom and I are doing all we can to back him up and support him, and we all have hope that something is coming. Something has to be coming. (Meanwhile, if you know someone who has need of a highly skilled communicator/PR person/storyteller with experience working with all ages of people from middle school up, I know a guy here in Richmond who could use a job…)

But the world continues to turn, and we continue to find our way through it, and I have hope. I continue to have hope, because the alternative is not acceptable.



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