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July 13, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: THE LAST ONE by Alexandra Oliva

After reading the Selection trilogy, I decided that maybe it wasn’t a bad idea to try reading other books which reminded me of TV shows I didn’t like. (I know, it sounds strange. Bear with me on this.) I’d been hesitant about this book in particular since while it sounded interesting, it also sounded a lot like Survivor and/or The Amazing Race. Neither of those are shows I watch or enjoy.

But then again, neither is the Bachelor, and I liked the Selection well enough. So I came into the book with full motivation, ready to see what this world was all about.



June 27, 2016

Mighty and Powerful Gods

I wasn’t going to write this right away, but I figure I may as well do it while some piece of it all is still timely and all.

So you’ve all heard me say a thousand times that I think character development is important. On top of this, I think that having a balanced character is also key. (There is a limit to this, but I’ll get into that later.) When a character becomes too overpowered, they become dull, boring. There’s nothing to them anymore. Nothing can stand in their way because they literally have every power and every ability to stop those who stand against them.

I also just saw X-Men Apocalypse. You may see where I got this idea from.


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