I am not lost…

October 7, 2016

Fiction Friday: No Plot, No Problem…?

So since Monday’s post focused on pants versus plot, I was a little lost as to what to write for my fiction post today. However, my lovely friend Lyn leapt to the rescue, and offered writing about someone who’s pantsing it, and someone who’s plotting. Given that I only have one extant character who’s ever done NaNo… It’s time for y’all to meet (or possibly re-meet) Gannon Cutel. He’s a friend of Jade’s fromĀ Rather Large Puddle, he’s a figure skater who’s very focused on creative writing, and if he has to say one more time that he’s straight, he’s going to punch something. So let’s let Jade and Gannon chat a bit, hm? This is from Jade’s POV.

I peeked in the library, the last place I could think of that Gan might have tucked himself away in. Sure enough, in the back corner study desk, curled over a notebook, I could just see the shock of dusty blonde hair I knew had to be his.

“Hey you,” I said, leaning on the wall to the desk. He started, dropping his pen, and I laughed. “Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you. Writing a horror?”

“I…no, not quite.” He straightened his glasses. “I’m still working on that part.”



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