Aftermath: NaNoWriMo

Didn’t quite get to an update in Week Four, because of Thanksgiving and family and travel etc, but here I am and let’s talk shop.

I did the thing. I said that I was going to write 50k on my future serial project, and that I was going to try and keep time as well on my grad school manuscript. And I di.

I did it. I wrote 102k this November. One hundred and two thousand words.

There were many who called me crazy. There was far more who were not sure I could do it and not burn myself out. And perhaps I am burnt out – since I haven’t worked on either of them since November…but also, I’ve been busy with other things since November. (Like…the rest of my life that I put on hold back then.) I got myself the 3DS I promised myself I’d have if I hit the challenge, and I’ve been able to sit back and pet my words lovingly. I’m aware that bunches of them may be cut. I’m sure that Karantiri especially will need a massive overhaul before it sees the light of day.

…but I’m completely okay with that.

Because my goal has never been to sit here at the end of November and say “ah hah, look – I have finished the thing and now it is perfect; bask in my glory, lesser beings.” It was to say “hey, I set myself a challenge and I reached it. Awesome; go me!” And I’ve done that. I ever recorded my final inspirational post for my Elsewhere kiddos as a Night Vale-inspired radiocast like I wanted.

It’s been a good month of living up to the challenges I set for myself. And I think that’s a perfect way to go into the cool down of December…and then prepare me for the second half of my grad school program which begins bright and early in January.

Come and get me, world. I’m ready for you.


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