Prompt Call July 2016 – “Independence”

Hey everyone! So since I got a pretty nifty suggestion from one of my regulars, I figured I’d give a prompt call a shot again. This month’s theme, in honor of stuff like Brexit and Independence Day, shall be “independence.”

What does that mean? Anything you’d like! Give me an idea for a short that has to do with the theme, and I’ll write you ~200 words about it.

Again, I don’t have any of my old tiers available since my site got transferred, but for $5, I’ll finish a prompt, any prompt of your choosing. (If you want it to be your own, that’s cool! Someone else’s prompt strike your fancy? Also cool.)

There’s no monetary goal for this one, like I’ve had in the past. My life is too confusing to try and pick one thing that I’m hoping to save money for. So! For each $15 we reach in tips, I’ll write every prompter a second prompt. (So feel free to list as many ideas in your prompts as you can think! Who knows how many you may get?)

Remember: Prompting is free, and always will be. You do not need to pay anything to leave a prompt, nor to get a story.

So prompt away! Comment here with your ideas! (If you have to, you can say something on Twitter, but it’s easier for me to keep track of–and I don’t get them lost in Twitter hell–if you stay over here. Cool? Cool.

Hit me with your best shot!


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