True to Form…

…here I am, a week later than intended. Oops?

You all know how bad it can get during NaNoWriMo. I suddenly looked at my calendar while I was filling in my bullet journal and went “…oh. Right. Blog posts. Oops.”

For the first 4 days of November, I was either entirely focused on writing, or I was visiting friends…and being mostly focused on writing. (We’re all Wrimos, so it works out nicely.) But it does mean that my blog slipped through a crack. So here’s an update for you all.

I’m doing well; I’m above par for the moment. I’m trying to keep myself there, but it’s starting to prove difficult. It is, after all, the dreaded Week 2. This is where you realize that your writing is garbage and so are you, and what did you ever think you were going to accomplish in this month? On top of that, of course, today is Election Day here in the States and it’s proving terrifying and distracting. I’ve potentially got a lot to lose in this election, and I don’t like not knowing what’s going to happen. (I’ve been in a “Bartlet for America” shirt all day. Go West Wing references.)

There’s also been a huge brick thrown into the gears of my family as of yesterday. I’m not really at liberty to say anything publicly, but it does mean that there are going to be a lot of shifts around the house, and not all of them are going to be fun. It also means that I need to spend more of my time actively looking both for a steadier job and additional sources of income. So I need to buckle down on my writing professionally, and also my audiobook work. I had someone approach me the other day to audition for something, so we’ll see what comes of that. I’m arguing with another rights holder at the moment to receive my payment for another project, and that’s a lot of money up in the air I could really use right now. I’m so frustrated by all of this.

So at least for today, it’s proving difficult to convince myself to do much of anything. I like my NaNo novel, and I think it’s going interesting places–or at least has the potential to–and I’d like to keep working on it. I have a lot of other interesting projects I could work on, and of course, I have my main manuscript I still need to do the final clean-ups on so that I can work on publishing it. And yet here I sit, disinclined to do anything at all.

My dad and I are going to go walking later today, I do believe, so it’ll be nice to get out and be active. I’ll have my Zombies, Run! team with me, so hearing from Sam et al will likely cheer me up. (And since Z,R! is one of my main inspirations for my NaNo novel, it’s important to stay connected.)

But for now…I don’t know. I’m just at a loss.

Keep some good thoughts out for me, will you? I’ll be back on Friday with some of the book for you to read.

Words: 20,182


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