Bullet Journal Update

So I’m not sure I’ve really updated you all since the beginning of my endeavor into the world of bullet journaling. I started in September and had the very best of intentions. November came and…well…yeah. November happened. It’s been spotty for a while, but I’m making a concerted effort to get back up and running with my bujo beginning with today, and the week ahead. Especially since I have a new job (!!!! FINALLY) it’s going to be very important for me to stay organized and make sure all of the things I need to do stay together.

Also, I think a bullet journal or two for work will be a good idea.

I still really like the concept of the bullet journal. I stand by the fact that I’ve always been terrible at day-planners/agendas/etc and that this has been the only thing that really works–because I’m the one who decides how it works. Success!

This hasn’t changed much since the beginning, but in the new book it’s so nice to have more room!

When I was working at the cafe, it was particularly useful because my schedule would change so frequently. It’s why my weekly pages have three lines for each day; when I was marking work for a day, I’d put it in a different place in the box dependent on what time I was working. For example, when I worked 9-3 or something, it would go in the top line. 12-8, second line. 3-11, bottom line. It allowed me to see at a glance when I was going to be busy, and when I’d have time to do anything else. The new job won’t be like that as much (or really, at all) but I’m sure I’ll find another way to make it useful.

I know, the habit tracker is depressing. This week kinda got away from me. >.> whoops? I need to update it…

I’ve had the most success/failure with the habit tracker. I love having it there. It holds me accountable for all the days I slack off and don’t do something. Now, it also is an easy page to Just Ignore Because It’s Not Right In Front Of Me, but I try pretty hard to not do that. Given the time schedule of the new job, I’m likely going to look into a gym membership again, since my daily walks through the parks will be harder to do. (The park I like the best opens at 7, my usual walk there takes an hour, and I have to be at work by 9–half an hour away. Ish. Noooot going to work well.) Besides, I’ve always liked the ability to work out at a gym, and the flexibility it gives me to shake up my fitness routine. Since (with any luck at all) I’ll be making decent money too, maybe I’ll be able to sign up for a class or something. I’m going to get serious about this. I need to.

The truth of the matter is still that I love my journal and it’s helping immensely–when I manage to actually use it. That’s not always the easiest part of this whole endeavor, but I think that’s part of what it’s helping to teach me. I’ll keep track of what I need to do, what I’ve done, what the schedule needs to be. And I’ll keep it open on my desk where I can see it every day, and I’ll get better. I’ll get organized. I can do it.

It’s going to take a little bit of time, but I can do it.

And yeah, it’ll be good at work. Just from the two hours or so I sat watching the current person in the position (front desk admin for an insurance agency) I could already see the pages I’d need to create. And with something as fast-paced and new to me as insurance (new-ish, okay) I’m going to need all the organization I can get.

So wish me luck, luminaries. This is the start of a crazy time in my life.

Maybe I’ll get a chance to play Persona again some time soon. Who knows.


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