Well Hello Again…

Oh hi there. Long time no see. I'll keep this short and sweet, and not full of optimistic promises I only may or may not keep. But short story is that I'm eager to get reading again, which means that my reviews are (hopefully) going to ramp up again as well. I've got a lot … Continue reading Well Hello Again…


Bullet Journal Update

So I'm not sure I've really updated you all since the beginning of my endeavor into the world of bullet journaling. I started in September and had the very best of intentions. November came and...well...yeah. November happened. It's been spotty for a while, but I'm making a concerted effort to get back up and running … Continue reading Bullet Journal Update

May Day, Mayday!

So yeah, you may notice this is going up late. Apologies, it's been...a time. Here's the state of the Rion: As you probably know (and if not, WELL LET ME TELL YOU) I released my debut novel on the 25th of April. I'm not an overnight sensation, but I wasn't really expecting to be. It's … Continue reading May Day, Mayday!