This is another book that I picked up back before I’d gotten my Kindle, so it was a trek back to the land of Nook for this.  I had absolutely no memory of it, and had no idea what to expect other than what the cover seemed to indicate–which was either going to be romance, fantasy, or both.

Both was a good option.

I really don’t know what to make of this book. It’s an interesting little concept: main character hunts for Bigfoot and lost sister, finds alternate world, and gets herself trapped in a marriage with an immortal.

You know, as you do.

It’s not a fantastic book, but it’s certainly compelling enough to keep me reading and considering getting the other books in the series. I’m a little irked that it’s seven books long, but that’s just because I’m a cheapskate. The other major problem I have with this book–and the fact that it’s a seven book long series–is that this book one here is almost all prologue. There’s a bit of action, but 98% of it all is all building the setting and introducing the characters. This doesn’t give me a lot of hope for the future books, and not wondering if it’s just going to be a long, drawn-out process to get the plot–when the plot could have been easily told in half as many books. Such a huge pet peeve of mine.

Regardless, the characters are interesting if not incredibly deep, and the plot moves along even with how lost one can feel. (The main character spends a lot of time like that, which helps.) I’m intrigued by Victor and his whole world, and though I want to beat most of the film crew over the head, they’re an intriguing counter-balance to the rest. Beth is a nice bit of calm in the storm, so to speak. We’ve also met a good chunk of side characters which I hope show back up. The plot line with the sister is…shall we say, a bit disappointing, but I won’t say much so that I don’t spoil anything.

Oh. And then there’s Frank. I hate Frank. I’m sure that I’m suppose to consider him a viable third point for the love triangle, but if I were in Sarah’s situation, I would have left him high and dry a long time ago. I’m not saying Victor is the better choice–because I’m not sold on him either, but Frank…no. Just no. Get out. So very over him.

I’m still not convinced that I should buy the rest of the series. Has anyone else out there read them, and have ideas on the matter?

Rating: *** (Worth a Look)


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