I am not lost…

April 28, 2017

FICTION FRIDAY: Flashback Edition, “Who Conditions the Air?”

I can’t recall if I’ve shared this on here or not, but it’s always been a bit of a personal favorite. I can’t exactly say it’s terribly good, but it was a good idea and I don’t think I ever caught that lightning. I’ll leave it for you, though. Half short story and half slam poem, I think I wrote this back in 2013, during my first residency in grad school. (I at least remember reading it then.)



January 6, 2017

FICTION FRIDAY:Look Into the Past

So since most of my writing lately is self-indulgent fanfic that would make little to no sense to anyone reading this blog, I figured I’d go find something I’d written before to share. I enjoyed going through and finding the old story with the soldier and the child, and figured I had to have something else like that in here.

That being said, this is something I apparently submitted for a short story competition (and reading it now, I see why it didn’t win) in a then-local newspaper. There’s an interesting idea trapped in this mediocre writing, and I’d love to know where I came up with some of these ideas. (Also, I remember a similar story being written that I thought was for this, but apparently wasn’t…so now I need to find that story and figure out where it belongs.) But for all your amusement and pleasure, here’s some Rion writing from the vaults.


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