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January 9, 2017

The Beast, Dripping in Red

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Remember how I talked about the Editor, and all his nasty tricks we were keeping locked away in November? And then in December, we might let him out, but we were letting that project rest at least for a little while?

It’s January now. And the editing beast, snarling and slathering, is ready to drip its red ink blood all over your manuscript.

(At least, this is basically how I feel about editing.)



October 24, 2016


Of course, that title isn’t to insinuate that once you write something during November, you can never take it back. (Gods forbid, because I can’t imagine any of my stories staying there. Ugh.) But no, this is one of the other “rules” of NaNoWriMo that I’ve found people have the hardest time doing: not editing. Not going back and reading everything before you write again. Not fine-tuning every paragraph until it’s perfect, just the way you want it. Not writing three pages and then deciding you don’t like where it’s going and just deleting it all.

It’s not allowed. Inasmuch as anything is disallowed for NaNo, that’s one of them: do not delete your words. Some people go so far as to say that if you misspell something, you shouldn’t even delete that. Rumors of people disabling their delete key altogether. (I’m not quite that severe but…) So what does that mean for preparing?

Well…sometimes you need to get yourself ready for that kind of thing. And that means having a way to battle the Editor when it comes.


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