Inspiration Wednesday: Rest

So I’ve been pretty quiet in the Internet sphere since last Tuesday or so. I haven’t been writing. I haven’t been editing. I have been working out, but not enough the counteract how much food I’ve been eating. And you know what?

I’m glad of it.

You see, I think there’s something that many writers forget, especially when it comes to our writing. We live these solitary lives, some of us with day jobs, and so when it comes time to do what we love and write, we push ourselves and we pray for the words to come and we do all we can in the limited time we have. And when we can squeeze nothing left out of ourselves, we fall into our beds and try to slow our minds down enough to sleep.

But that gets tiring after a while, and the words come slower and slower. It doesn’t seem to make sense, but it’s what I’ve run in to. So what have I done?


I went to the pool.

My parents just moved to Virginia, where I’ve been looking for a job. I haven’t had a chance to visit them yet, so I figured now was as good of a chance to visit as any. Of course, what I found I barely believed.

Pool just next to the apartment complex, all kinds of fun food places nearby, a fitness center on the grounds. It’s amazing here. So relaxing and warm. I might even get a tan this summer!

But just as much as we all need to write and read, we also need to care for ourselves. And sometimes that means just laying back and enjoying the sun and letting yourself recharge.

Which is what I plan to do, since I’m poolside and writing from my phone right now. And I think it’s time my back got some sun.

Where’s your favorite place to recharge? Do anything fun in the sun? Let me know!


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