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March 21, 2016

Follow Your Dreams, pt. 2

So last week we looked at Ninja Brian, the YouTube comedy rock dude who has a PhD in theoretical physics and would rather play the piano along to dick jokes than teach. (Go Brian!) But I also promised that this week we’d look at Dan Avidan/Danny Sexbang, the other half of the band.

Now, I have absolutely zero doubt that Dan’s made amazing amount of sacrifice to get where he is. The difference is that Dan’s goal has been music the whole time, at least as far as we really have the story. He didn’t start out somewhere else and then turn to music–this is what Dan wants to do. He’s had more “serious” music projects that never quite panned out. He’s lived all over the place. Arin (from Game Grumps) and Brian have both said that when Dan came into their worlds, he was a broke-as-hell dude really hoping his lucky break would find him. Dan’s persistence in all of this–culminating thus far in a fantastic music career (I may use that term a bit lightly, but hey, he’s paying the bills with it) along with his work with Arin and the others on Game Grumps. But it’s not that piece of him I’d like to talk about for this post.

It’s something he said in an episode of Grumps I was watching the other day.



March 14, 2016

Follow Your Dreams Pt. 1

(Author’s note: I’ve just come to the realization that today is actually Dan Avidan’s birthday – someone who I’m going to mention throughout the course of this post, and then address again next week.  So happy birthday to you, Dan! Thank you for the inspiration, the laughs, and the sweet sweet NSP dreams. Best wishes to you for the coming year.)

If you know me in person, you’ve probably heard me talking about my latest fascination: the band known as Ninja Sex Party, comprised of Ninja Brian and Danny Sexbang. (Oh yes, it’s just as glorious as that makes it sound.) It’s comedy music and heaps of silly, and it’s been bringing a great deal of joy to me ever since I found it. (For anyone wondering how I came across such a thing, Danny is also part of the Let’s Play channel Game Grumps, which is where I saw him first. Yay gaming nerddom!)

“But Rion,” you may ask. “Why are you talking about some random music/gaming/comedy band on your writing blog? Do they write things outside of their music?” No, not that I know of. I bring them up because I want to take a look at something I recently found out about Ninja Brian and his involvement with the band.


January 18, 2016


I don’t know how I think I’m going to get through this blog post. Reader beware: there may be gross sobbing beneath the cut, because I’m talking about death.


November 12, 2014

NaNoWriMo Week 2: Never Give Up!

This is a great sentiment for Week 2 of NaNoWriMo, but honestly…we all know why I wanted to write this.


Any excuse to put this into a blog post. ANY EXCUSE.


September 24, 2014

Inspiration Wednesday: Ugh, Do I Have To?

I’m not going to beat around the bush. I don’t have any inspiration this week. My work is tiring, my exercise is lacking, my diet is suffering from over-eating, and I’m just exhausted. It was hard to get back into the habit of writing these blogs for this week. I didn’t put up my weight loss post on time last week, and I forgot my chapter of my story entirely. (That being said, I wasn’t home at all on Friday and I forgot to set it up to post in advance because I didn’t know I was going to be gone all of Friday.)

So how do I get back into this, when it’s the last thing I want to do?


September 10, 2014

Inspiration Wednesday: Drinks All Around!

Kudos if anyone gets the quote in the title before I explain it.

…I’ll give you a moment to think. Hit the “read more” after you’ve given up.


September 3, 2014

Inspiration Wednesday: What to Wear, What to Wear…

I’ve done a lot of talking about how to personally inspire ourselves, and who knows, maybe I’ll come back to that. But right now, I’d like to bring it back to what we’re actually all here to do: write. (I know, gasp! What?! Writing?! Who gave me the authority?!?) And I know I’m a little late on posting this today, but be assured: I’m late because I wanted to write my article on what I was doing.

…Well, kind of. Job hunting isn’t really inspirational, unless you’re looking for inspiration to jump off a bridge. But in any case.


August 27, 2014

Inspiration Wednesdays: Mountains, Gandalf!

(No copyright infringement intended by the title of my blog. 😉 We can all keep a secret, yeah?)

I’ve talked about getting away from your work area in the metaphorical sense, by reading authors we love. I’ve talked about getting away more literally in the short term, by taking dance breaks and getting exercise. But what if you’re absolutely feeling burnt out and desperately need away from it all?

…Well, it sounds to me like you need a vacation. You need to have an adventure.


August 20, 2014

Inspiration Wednesdays – …Wait, What?

Yeah, I’m not talking about a topic that anyone is going to expect with this post. But there’s one thing that we can all take from one particular piece of the writing process to make us stronger and better and the best writer we can be.

And it’s often the one piece of the process we all hate the most. Because it’s failure–rejection.


August 13, 2014

Inspiration Wednesday – Those Who Go Before

This is a bit of a solemn topic, and it’s less direct inspiration and something a little less tangible. I’ve talked about using other writers as inspiration, and books we love, but as I’ve pushed to make clear, I believe that inspiration for writing doesn’t have to come only from books. I believe a good movie or a gripping TV show can be just as inspiring. I was never more driven to understand politics (a field which I absolutely hate) than when I was watching The West Wing. I never understood the gravity of a wartime hospital than when I was watching M*A*S*H. And some of my favorite movies are the ones which could grab you with a good story and fascinating characters, even when the topic was solemn…and you could still laugh at parts.

I watched a movie like this with my parents the other day, called The Descendants, starring George Clooney. (With added Shailene Woodley for extra awesome!) But the movies I’m thinking about here are Dead Poets Society and What Dreams May Come, with the spellbinding Robin Williams at its forefront.


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