I am not lost…

August 15, 2016

Background Music

(Author’s note: I’m writing this just before I leave on my weekend trip, and I’m on very little sleep and only have half of an idea of what I was thinking when I started this post. Sorry if it loses focus!)

One of the more commonly asked questions I see floating around the writing community is “what do you listen to while you’re writing?” There’s always a huge variety of answers–perhaps unsurprisingly–and it’s a question I’ve usually always had the same answer to: “something without lyrics.” As a singer, lyrics distract me; I start singing and then I’m writing lyrics instead of my own words, and before long all I have is a transcript of Hamilton.

Which is a great show (which I’m only just now learning), but not really my books.

So what happens when all of a sudden…I have a character who won’t talk to me while I listen to my usual music?



April 18, 2016

Strange and Mysterious Happenings

So I took to Twitter the other day and asked all you lovely luminaries out there what you were interested in hearing me talk about here on the blog. My dear friend Sky said “strange and mysterious that you’ve seen happen.” For a long time, I sat staring at my screen, wondering what strange and mysterious things I’ve seen happen, or had happen to me.

I think I’ve come up with 4 events now, in groups of 2.


January 18, 2016


I don’t know how I think I’m going to get through this blog post. Reader beware: there may be gross sobbing beneath the cut, because I’m talking about death.


July 9, 2014

Inspiration Wednesdays: Dance Break!

I’ve decided to move my old inspiration newsletter to a blog post instead, thus consolidating and making for a better archive. The standard format will change a bit, however, now that it’s on the blog. Since Thursdays are usually set aside for writing help and tips of the trade, as it were, I’m not going to try and burn myself out by doing that two days in a week. (In a row, nonetheless.) So instead, I’m going to try and post something inspirational, or something that I think particularly helps me in my writing, along with a prompt. Sound like a plan to everyone? Good.


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