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March 21, 2016

Follow Your Dreams, pt. 2

So last week we looked at Ninja Brian, the YouTube comedy rock dude who has a PhD in theoretical physics and would rather play the piano along to dick jokes than teach. (Go Brian!) But I also promised that this week we’d look at Dan Avidan/Danny Sexbang, the other half of the band.

Now, I have absolutely zero doubt that Dan’s made amazing amount of sacrifice to get where he is. The difference is that Dan’s goal has been music the whole time, at least as far as we really have the story. He didn’t start out somewhere else and then turn to music–this is what Dan wants to do. He’s had more “serious” music projects that never quite panned out. He’s lived all over the place. ArinĀ (from Game Grumps) and Brian have both said that when Dan came into their worlds, he was a broke-as-hell dude really hoping his lucky break would find him. Dan’s persistence in all of this–culminating thus far in a fantastic music career (I may use that term a bit lightly, but hey, he’s paying the bills with it) along with his work with Arin and the others on Game Grumps. But it’s not that piece of him I’d like to talk about for this post.

It’s something he said in an episode of Grumps I was watching the other day.



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