Personal Post Time: Brain Fights

So I figure Fridays will become my more personal post day. Maybe that's sharing a bit of writing I really like, maybe it'll be something else. Today I need somewhere to rant, because stupid things are happening to friends of mine and I have very little patience for it. SO HANG IN THERE WITH ME. … Continue reading Personal Post Time: Brain Fights


Nothing is Forever

I think everyone knows, whether it be in real life or in a book, that one couple you think is completely unshakable. They've been through hell and back, and they still seem made for each other. It's Buttercup and Westley's story: "This is true love - you think this happens every day?" It's what Romeo … Continue reading Nothing is Forever

Tales from the Café: Come Here Often?

Time: Friday, 4:32 pm Mocha Time is a bit of a double-sided café. During the day, we're your mild-mannered coffee-based establishment, providing tasty caffeinated beverages and modestly priced sandwiches. At night, however, we transform in a classy corner of would-be New Orleans, smooth jazz on the Pandora and candles lit at every table. ...meaning we … Continue reading Tales from the Café: Come Here Often?

Inspiration Wednesday: Drinks All Around!

Kudos if anyone gets the quote in the title before I explain it. ...I'll give you a moment to think. Hit the "read more" after you've given up. I make absolutely no excuses about being obsessed with characters and their development. Even more so, I am fascinated with relationships and how characters get them into … Continue reading Inspiration Wednesday: Drinks All Around!