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October 10, 2016


I’ve used that title for so many things over the years, and I’m never going to get tired of it. The origin is a Kurt Vonnegut story by the same name, about a man with little personality of his own but when he’s given a part in a play, he becomes utterly immersed into the character from beginning of rehearsal until closing night. It’s how I’ve described my style of adapting to jobs; I walk in and determine who I’m supposed to be…and then play the part. Morning person? I am absolutely not, but if you need me to be, I will be smiling and happy at six a.m. for you.

So when people ask me, “Hey Rion, which comes first? The plot or the character?” the answer for me is simple.

There is no story, if there is no one to carry it forward.



June 6, 2016

Nothing is Forever

I think everyone knows, whether it be in real life or in a book, that one couple you think is completely unshakable. They’ve been through hell and back, and they still seem made for each other. It’s Buttercup and Westley’s story: “This is true love – you think this happens every day?” It’s what Romeo and Juliet thought their relationship was. (Thought is still the operative word, but…) It’s the happily ever after you dream of, and have to marvel when you see it in reality.

Maybe that relationship has even inspired some of your own writing. After all, how could you not? It’s what we’ve all hoped, it’s the dream. Your characters will be just as happy and forever as your friends, or those others written down by the rest of the world.

But nothing is forever.


July 8, 2015

Time for Some Fun! Character Surveys!

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I used to do these All The Damn Time back when I was in high school. I was just surfing around and came across someĀ very old journal entries from back in the bad old days, and thought it might be amusing to do a new and improved one. (Actually I found two, so I’m going to do both of them. DEAL WITH IT.) If nothing else, this is a fun and interesting way to introduce (or re-introduce!) you to some of my characters. Most of them won’t be the main character of the series, since you know enough about them! And I need some fun in my life today. So! Here goes nothing!


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