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October 21, 2016

NANO FICTION FRIDAY: Paint the Picture

So I’ve been working on a little bit of an idea for a new project–not my NaNo project, but a more long-term slow-build one–and I’ve been in need of a setting. Since we all know how well I do with planning, I’m going to see if I can take the few threads I’ve come up with and work some magic on them here for this post. So if it’s rough….well, you’ll know why.

For as long as anyone could remember, there had been a wall at the base of the hill, high enough that not even the most skilled climbers could conquer it. Guarded day and night, the denizens of the hill kept their watch, guarding those inside…from those left outside. Only a select few could ever cross through the gate: merchants, messengers, those who had business on both sides. All were closely watched; all were kept in line.



April 8, 2016

Tales From the Café: Familiar Faces

(Alternately titled: You Probably Think This Post Is About You)

Time: Friday, 8:55 pm

It was finally almost closing time after an incredibly hectic day. Zöe had locked the front door, and all but the last few tables had filtered out. Despite the chaotic nature of the evening, I was in a good mood. None of my tables had been nasty, a couple left very nice tips, and my leg had finally stopped hurting from where I smacked it into a corner almost a week ago now.

I must have been humming under my breath, because I looked up from my sweeping and saw Kacey grinning at me. “What?”

“Is that one of your new songs?” It was no secret that I was a musician, and I’d lately been buckling down on actually getting some original stuff written. “I like it.”


September 10, 2014

Inspiration Wednesday: Drinks All Around!

Kudos if anyone gets the quote in the title before I explain it.

…I’ll give you a moment to think. Hit the “read more” after you’ve given up.


September 5, 2014

Serial Update: Chapter 6

Yes, it’s Friday again, which means that a new chapter of Quest to Karantiri is up on my official website! Check out Chapter 6 here, and make sure to read the previous chapters as well. Feel free to comment on them and let me know how you like the story. Share it with your friends, spread the word.

Here’s a sneak peek at the chapter below the cut.


August 8, 2014

Serial Update: Chapter 2

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Yup, it’s that time of week! Friday is Serial day, which means you can go view the latest chapter of Quest to Karantiri right here on my website!

In this chapter, Celita goes to see one of her favorite mentors to help sort out what she saw in the first chapter. Not sure what that was? Maybe you should go read the first post too!

I’m exceptionally excited to keep sharing this with you; feel free to leave me comments either here or on the main page on my website. Please, share the story with your friends if you like it! Word of mouth is still the best marketing we have. Thanks so much!

August 1, 2014

Announcement: Beginning of the Serial!

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Yes, yes, yes. Finally I’ve gotten off my butt and started posting the serial. Yay!


April 22, 2014

Not Quite a Book Review: Heavy Rain

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I’m deviating from my norm, and touching into a world that I think is very much overlooked when it comes to story and whatnot: the video game industry. It’s easy to look at the wide spectrum and say “oh, well I know why we don’t look at it–I mean, look at them. It’s all Mario Kart and Madden NFL crap. Who’s looking for story in this?”

Me. That’s the answer. Me, and people like me. We are the ones who pick up video games and wonder if the characters will be engaging, if the story will be believable, if the world will be big enough to feel natural and explorable.

I’ve picked up a game recently, and it’s very short (I’m already about halfway through the plot line), but I think it’s the perfect one to point out for this post: Heavy Rain. (Though if I’m being accurate, I should probably put Rain in italics…heh) (Note: minor spoilers potentially below the cut.)


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