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October 21, 2016

NANO FICTION FRIDAY: Paint the Picture

So I’ve been working on a little bit of an idea for a new project–not my NaNo project, but a more long-term slow-build one–and I’ve been in need of a setting. Since we all know how well I do with planning, I’m going to see if I can take the few threads I’ve come up with and work some magic on them here for this post. So if it’s rough….well, you’ll know why.

For as long as anyone could remember, there had been a wall at the base of the hill, high enough that not even the most skilled climbers could conquer it. Guarded day and night, the denizens of the hill kept their watch, guarding those inside…from those left outside. Only a select few could ever cross through the gate: merchants, messengers, those who had business on both sides. All were closely watched; all were kept in line.



October 17, 2016


So now that we’ve talking about building a character, let’s chat a little about your setting. There’s really two pieces to this that I’ve seen: the world you’ve built, and how you introduce that world to your readers. These are two of the places that I’ve struggled the most in my writing, so a lot of what I can tell you is what I’ve heard others say to me when I was struggling.

(If you really want some in-depth world-building help, I’ll point you to one of my friend’s blogs at the end of the post. She’s really the champ of this.)


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