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November 14, 2014

Chapter 13 is Live!

Woo! It’s getting hard to fit in these posts along with my NaNoWriMo count, but I’m still managing! (If I’m ever late, you’ll know why…)

So let’s not waste words! Straight to the preview! (This is a shorter chapter, I will warn you!)



November 7, 2014

Chapter 12 is Live!

Good afternoon, ladies, gents, and everyone in-between and elsewhere! It is Friday, so it is time for CHAPTER 12 of Quest to Karantiri! See the chapter here, or start with the prologue here if you haven’t read before.

Ready for the teaser? Check out below the cut…


September 26, 2014

Chapter 8 – A Bit Late

Whoops. Sorry about the delay, guys. Last week was a disaster at work, and I just couldn’t get the chapter up. But Chapter 8 is up now, and you can all read it on my website! Here’s a glimpse:

“One of my favorite memories of Matrinari from when my late father and I last visited was having the chance to hear Elder Lagrath and his company tell the tale of the king’s line,” he had said. “I would be most honored if I could hear a new tale this evening – especially with the celebration of life that was meant to happen on this day.”

“Oh, we weren’t going to bore you, Lord Farren…” one of the elders had tried to dismiss.

“Nonsense.” He waved a hand, a perfect imitation of the men at council. “Why would I be bored with a celebration of life? Am I already too old to take joy in the coming of age of my peers? These are people that will stand as guards and leaders of the merchant classes in a region that I command. If I cannot live among them, celebrate their lives with them, what kind of lord am I? Is that not the same example that the kings and queens of old have set for us, by living among us until they are of age?”

Ah, I continue to really like Nathaniel.

No pictures this week, guys. I’m still really out of it. But check out the story, and I’ll see you next week.

September 12, 2014

Serial Update: Chapter 7 and Break from Blogging

Here there everyone! It’s Friday, which means Chapter 7 of Quest to Karantiri is live right here right now. The newsbreak about my break (hah) and a snippet of the story are below.


August 29, 2014

Serial Update: Chapter 5

Yes yes yes, it is Friday once again! This means that Chapter 5 of Quest to Karantiri has gone live here over on korionfray.com. I do really love to hear from my readers, so please write something in the comments either here or there if you check it out. I see lots of people liking my posts, but no one talking! *sniff* Feed the poor writer? I just moved!

Here’s a peek at the chapter after the cut.


August 22, 2014

Serial Update: Chapter 4

Yes, it’s Friday again, which means that another chapter of Quest to Karantiri has gone live here at korionfray.com. Here’s a snippet from the latest chapter: (more…)

August 21, 2014

Blog Hop Stop: Here Off the Beaten Path

Well, I don’t quite have the accolades that my dear friend Amanda over at The Spotted Writer has, but I’ve been dutifully plugging away at this blog consistently since January of 2013, and off and on since 2008. I have no awards save my NaNoWriMo winner sheets, and haven’t done much in the way of surveys to let people know who I am. (Though I do hope the type of thing I talk about has given you some insight! Maybe I should work on that…) But since Amanda gave me such an amazing shoutout on her blog (goodness, I’m blushing) I felt I should tag along off of her Blog Hop and write about my process.


August 15, 2014

Serial Update: Chapter 3!

Friday means fiction, so go check out Chapter 3 of my serial Quest to Karantiri here!

All three chapters are right on my website, so don’t worry if you haven’t read it before. You can catch up, and then follow along every Friday as I post new chapters!

I’m exceptionally excited to keep sharing this with you; feel free to leave me comments either here or on the main page on my website. Please, share the story with your friends if you like it! Word of mouth is still the best marketing we have. Thanks so much!

I’ve also decided to take a leaf out of my friend Amanda’s book (go check out here awesome writing here) and post a nice picture on Fridays, just for fun. She often posts photos of her Bengal kitty, Nyla, and since I’m a photographer with three cats running around the house, I figure I can share a few with you as well. So below the cut are the kitties in Writers’ Roost.


August 8, 2014

Serial Update: Chapter 2

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Yup, it’s that time of week! Friday is Serial day, which means you can go view the latest chapter of Quest to Karantiri right here on my website!

In this chapter, Celita goes to see one of her favorite mentors to help sort out what she saw in the first chapter. Not sure what that was? Maybe you should go read the first post too!

I’m exceptionally excited to keep sharing this with you; feel free to leave me comments either here or on the main page on my website. Please, share the story with your friends if you like it! Word of mouth is still the best marketing we have. Thanks so much!

August 1, 2014

Announcement: Beginning of the Serial!

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Yes, yes, yes. Finally I’ve gotten off my butt and started posting the serial. Yay!


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