Serial Update: Chapter 4

Yes, it’s Friday again, which means that another chapter of Quest to Karantiri has gone live here at Here’s a snippet from the latest chapter:

“I’ve told you, no!” Tallinn’s voice was louder than Celita had heard it before.


“Celita, this isn’t me forbidding it. It is me, and your mother, and the guards of the city, and for all I know, the king himself. You are not to enter there.”

“I need to help her!”

“The faerie was a dream, Celita. The elves – the faeries – all of it are stories we tell each other at fires. They are nothing more than the stories of the gods among us.”

Celita glared at her father. “The gods walked among us, and the elves live in the woods next to the faeries, and I’m on a mission from one of them!”

So it looks like Celita’s getting herself in a right bit of trouble lately. Go check it out, leave me comments, share it with your friends. I love to hear from my readers!

And, of course, your Friday cat pictures. This time it’s the cats my parents own.

And yes, she's named for President Beeblebrox.
My father’s quite silly cat, Zaphod.


Poor kitty, I have to work so hard to get nice pictures.
And my mother’s cat Jenny, who is terrified of all the things forever.

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