Chapter 13 is Live!

Woo! It’s getting hard to fit in these posts along with my NaNoWriMo count, but I’m still managing! (If I’m ever late, you’ll know why…)

So let’s not waste words! Straight to the preview! (This is a shorter chapter, I will warn you!)

Time was hard to keep track of in the cells. She could see very little light through the filthy window, but she could at least often tell if it was daytime or night. She tried to count days, but had trouble remembering whether or not she had slept through an entire day or not.

In the end she chose to mark the passing of time by the changing of the guard who stood outside of the cells. Often, they would make one or two passes through the cells in a shift, and during one of them she would get what they considered an appropriate meal for a prisoner – a bowl of what would have tasted like broth had it been warm, and a small chunk of hard bread. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to keep her from starving to death, though her stomach often argued the thought.

On what she counted to be the seventh shift, the guard was different – one she hadn’t seen before.

*gasp!* A new character?! WHOEVER COULD THEY BE???

(hint: one of my all-time favorite characters in this novel.) Read the chapter here!

And as promised, a kitty picture.

I love her name, and I didn't even name her!
This is Catface. She was taking a nap with me. Awww~

Sleepy kitty. Enjoy the chapter everyone, and I’ll see you on Wednesday for a Week 3 update!


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