Chapter 8 – A Bit Late

Whoops. Sorry about the delay, guys. Last week was a disaster at work, and I just couldn’t get the chapter up. But Chapter 8 is up now, and you can all read it on my website! Here’s a glimpse:

“One of my favorite memories of Matrinari from when my late father and I last visited was having the chance to hear Elder Lagrath and his company tell the tale of the king’s line,” he had said. “I would be most honored if I could hear a new tale this evening – especially with the celebration of life that was meant to happen on this day.”

“Oh, we weren’t going to bore you, Lord Farren…” one of the elders had tried to dismiss.

“Nonsense.” He waved a hand, a perfect imitation of the men at council. “Why would I be bored with a celebration of life? Am I already too old to take joy in the coming of age of my peers? These are people that will stand as guards and leaders of the merchant classes in a region that I command. If I cannot live among them, celebrate their lives with them, what kind of lord am I? Is that not the same example that the kings and queens of old have set for us, by living among us until they are of age?”

Ah, I continue to really like Nathaniel.

No pictures this week, guys. I’m still really out of it. But check out the story, and I’ll see you next week.


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