Serial Update: Chapter 7 and Break from Blogging

Here there everyone! It’s Friday, which means Chapter 7 of Quest to Karantiri is live right here right now. The newsbreak about my break (hah) and a snippet of the story are below.

“Celita, you remember Nathaniel from his last visit?”

“I do not remember it well but yes, a pleasure to see you again, m’lord.” She bobbed a curtsy, feeling incredibly awkward as she did it. This was someone her age – but not anymore.

Something odd flickered through Nathaniel’s face at that as well. “The pleasure is mine, Celita. It is good to see you again. Familiar faces at a time of transition are important.” He managed a smile. “Often we ask for an escort through the town – it is not common for someone not of age to be an escort, but perhaps, given my own age…we could make an exception?”

I do love Nathaniel so, and I’m excited about his entrance into the story line. I hope you like him as much as I do. 🙂

As for the second part of my post: yes. Having tried to juggle my new job and my blogging responsibilities all this week, it’s really become clear that I need to take a step back and focus on my work and myself while I get all this figured out. So, I’m going to take a week off and just find my schedule. I’ll still post Chapter 8 next Friday, and then I’m planning on getting back into the swing of writing blog posts starting Monday the 22nd. It’ll be good for me, and should allow for better blog posts for you. And then we’re all happy!

Things are starting to figure themselves out here in my life, and I’m happy for that. I just can’t grind myself into the ground this early on, or I’ll never get back on the horse.

So enjoy the chapter, and I’ll see you all again on Monday at the weight loss blog, and next Friday for Chapter 8. 🙂 Thank you all in advance for understanding.


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