Serial Update: Chapter 5

Yes yes yes, it is Friday once again! This means that Chapter 5 of Quest to Karantiri has gone live here over on I do really love to hear from my readers, so please write something in the comments either here or there if you check it out. I see lots of people liking my posts, but no one talking! *sniff* Feed the poor writer? I just moved!

Here’s a peek at the chapter after the cut.

“It was so big – Liri, it was like the wolves that they talked about Miria and her children riding on!”

“The ones that guard the Abyss? Celita…” Liria sighed. “Not every faerie tale can be real.”

“Why not? Where did the stories come from then? If we believe that Miria is real, that she’s watching over us and protecting us with the Three, then why can’t we believe in the wolves they rode on? Why can’t we believe in faeries and elves and the magic of the line of the kings?”

“Celita, I do believe the stories.” Liria pulled her hair back into a band of twine. “But that doesn’t mean that I think that the wolves Miria and the Three rode on are still out in the woods. The faeries…well, I mean, we met Ariana and that’s one faerie, but maybe there’s not a whole kingdom somewhere. Maybe it’s just a few. And all the stories say that there was a great war with the elves and they vanished into the trees and never returned. They’re probably all dead.”

“And what if they’re not, Liria? What if there’s a whole other world in there, with elves and faeries and the wolves of the gods and we don’t go in there because the king won’t let us?”

Celita is so sure she’s on to something here. I love seeing her enthusiasm. 🙂 Since I’m the process of moving, I don’t have any cat pictures for you, but here’s some other pictures for you to enjoy!

Kitty in a garden!
Okay I fibbed. Here’s an Irish cat! Saw him on a tour.


Such a pretty church.
l believe this is Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland. I like dramatic angles.
Lovely river...
The river Liffy, loved in Dublin and all through Ireland.

See you next week! Have a good weekend!


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