UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: PRE-ORDER LINKS ARE NOW LIVE!!!! This post has been a very...very...long time in coming. I'm writing it a bit in advance, and even now I find it hard to believe that I'm actually getting to a point where I can write this. It's not TECHNICALLY official right now, as of the time … Continue reading OH MY GOD WHAT DO I THINK I’M DOING

Get to Know Me

Remember when I blogged consistently, with interesting and new content, and put it up at the same time every day? Yeah, me neither. In any event, you'll (hopefully) get your proper update tomorrow when I don't get up an hour before my blog post I haven't written is scheduled to go live. For now, let's give … Continue reading Get to Know Me

Announcement: Beginning of the Serial!

Yes, yes, yes. Finally I've gotten off my butt and started posting the serial. Yay! The first chapter of Quest to Karantiri, my fantasy story, has gone live about an hour ago (if everything is going according to plan; I'm setting this up a few days in advance since I won't be available to post this … Continue reading Announcement: Beginning of the Serial!

Don’t Tell Me What to Think

Again, I'm cheating a little, but I liked this topic. I send out a newsletter every Wednesday (which anyone is welcome to receive, if they don't already!) which tries to lend some mid-week inspiration to my fellow writers. After struggling with the topic myself for sometime, I've tackled the concept of taking advice. What follows … Continue reading Don’t Tell Me What to Think