This post has been a very…very…long time in coming. I’m writing it a bit in advance, and even now I find it hard to believe that I’m actually getting to a point where I can write this. It’s not TECHNICALLY official right now, as of the time that I’m writing this to you, but by the time you see this…it will be.

I’ve published my first novel.

WHAT. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE. I DON’T EVEN. This has been such a pipe dream for so long, lost in the maze of constant edits that it felt like there was no possible way I was ever going to get this book out. SON OF THE REVOLUTION was my 2009 NaNoWriMo novel. I have been consistently working on this piece of work almost longer than any other book I’ve ever written. Alistair and his crew have been with me through two moves, college graduation…through all of grad school as my final thesis…

It’s so weird to think that it’s out in the world. (Almost out, for current me.)

I adore this book. I don’t know if anyone else in the world will, but I do and always will. I think it’s a particularly topical book at the moment, given its focus on the government acting in opposition to a small but vocal minority of their population, though I didn’t realize how topical it would be. At my defense, one of the professionals there commented that they saw an allegory for the LGBT community in there, and I conceded that while it hadn’t originally been intentional, I certainly recognized it now.

That was in 2015. Now in 2017, I’m seeing just how much my book–which should be bordering on dystopic–starts to look like the world around me. I’m sure if you read it, you’ll see fragments of the real world in there, that snuck in under the final deadline.

So at the moment, it’s available for pre-order, and you can find the preorder link here. The lovely thing about Pronoun is that it offers me a single page, and you can all find the format of your choice. Not sure if you want to sink your money into my book yet? Completely fair. That’s why I’ve gotten you a little sample: read the prologue and first five chapters TOTALLY FOR FREE from me! You can get it as an .epub or .pdf, and there’ll be the same pre-order link in there at the end. I want you to be sure that you’re going to love this before you buy–though I’m sure you will. (You should be able to right-click and download those. …I think. They better. If it doesn’t work, someone please let me know.)

(And at the moment, I don’t have the specifics on a paperback version but there IS one coming. I’m just finishing up some of the final edits on it, making sure the cover is right, all that jazz. As soon as that’s available as well, I’ll let you all know.)

The basic premise I’ll share via the blurb I’ve created, since it does a better job than I ever manage to do on my own:

“The dawn will break on your shoulders. You are the son of the revolution.”
“Whoa, hold up there tiger. I’m not the son of anything.”

Alistair Clarimond has spent years running from his past, from the demons he’s left behind, from the destruction of the life he used to have. He’s kept his head down and his mouth shut, locking the past away, and trying to adapt to life as a genotype—the product of a super soldier serum gone horrifically wrong that turns the afflicted instead into the nightmares of fiction and mythology. And for the most part, he can continue living normally, if he ignores the still-present social tension surrounding the genotypes, and his need for a little extra…iron in his diet.

When a member of the government’s Department of Special Defense bursts into a popular genotype haunt, revealing his employer’s in-depth plans to commit mass genocide and wipe out the genotypes completely, Alistair is at a loss on what to do. But the troops of the resistance are rallying around him, the local mystic insists that he and he alone is the linchpin for the future of the genotypes, and everyone seems to be in agreement that he should be the one to lead the charge.

Well, everyone except for him.

Alistair needs to decide: let the guilt of his past hold him back and potentially doom the entire genotype population, or rise up to find out what it really means to be the “son of the revolution.”

The book comes out on April 25th, and I’m so excited about it I could fall out of my chair.

…yeah, I know it doesn’t look like it. That’s because I’m also scared out of my mind.

But this is my baby, and it’s about time I put it into y’all’s capable hands.

Let me know what you think, if you pick up the sample! 

And if you’d like to keep up with all my other future publications, plus possibly some special insider information… go sign up for my newsletter! I promise, I won’t spam you.


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