The Revolution Begins

There was a period in my life where I'm not sure I thought this day was ever going to come. Granted, the day I'm referring to isn't until tomorrow, but still. I've been a writer in one form or another since I was in...what, first or second grade? I got "serious" about it when I … Continue reading The Revolution Begins



UPDATE¬†TO THE UPDATE: PRE-ORDER LINKS ARE NOW LIVE!!!! This post has been a very...very...long time in coming. I'm writing it a bit in advance, and even now I find it hard to believe that I'm actually getting to a point where I can write this. It's not TECHNICALLY official right now, as of the time … Continue reading OH MY GOD WHAT DO I THINK I’M DOING

FICTION FRIDAY: St. Patrick’s Day

Apologies if this is choppy and not as up to par as usual. Part of that is the emotion of the scene, I think, making Alistair's narrative less flowing for me than it usually is. He wasn't good about keeping focus. The other part is that while I was writing, the website I was using … Continue reading FICTION FRIDAY: St. Patrick’s Day


I've been toying with this idea for a little while, essentially since someone from my past had a whole faux conversation with me about how this might happen and why. I don't remember most (if really any) of our original conversation, and unlike most other correspondence with my friends, this actually happened aloud, so it's … Continue reading FICTION FRIDAY: Origin Story

Fiction Friday: Away from Home Turf

I don't get a chance to write too much with the characters who aren't Alistair in REVOLUTION, so I figured this is an good a place as any to flesh out a few of the characters we don't see as much of. And since Esme is a character out of her element, as it were, … Continue reading Fiction Friday: Away from Home Turf

Discouragement, Frustration, Irritation

It's been a trying past few...whiles. The past few days in particular, I've been feeling very frustrated and disheartened about a lot of things in my life. I had a bunch of topics I was going to write about but none of them are coming to me. (One I can't remember what I meant by … Continue reading Discouragement, Frustration, Irritation

All the Sevens. Forever. SevenSevenSevenSeven

So the ever-lovely Bronwen tagged me to do the 7x7x7x7(x7x7x7x7x7x7x7x7x7x7x7) post, and honestly I've been waiting for an excuse to do this. Here be the rules! Go to page 7 of your WIP. Scroll down to Line 7. Share the next 7 sentences in a blog post. After the excerpt, tag 7 other writers to … Continue reading All the Sevens. Forever. SevenSevenSevenSeven