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January 12, 2018


It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Elliot Wake’s work. CAM GIRL is one of the books I point at every time someone asks me for a book request. (…As long as I think they’d be okay with the subject matter. Cause it’s…uh. A bit dark. XD)

It’s also not a huge secret that I’m a sucker for the teacher/student trope in romance, though I can be a little picky about how it’s executed. But I’m like that with most romances, so that’s not specific to the trope. So when I realized that Wake’s first novel (I believe, back when he was writing as Leah Raeder) was a student/teacher romance, I jumped on it so fast.

(And you know, let it sit on my Kindle for way too long. But…again. That’s kinda my MO.)



January 6, 2018

BOOK REVIEW: THE NOBLE THRONE by Yessi Smith and Logan Keys

I meant to have this review up a while ago, since I was lucky enough to snag an ARC of it, but life conspired against me (as is so often the case) and alas, I can only get it to you now. But a review! Woo! First review of 2018!

I’ll be completely upfront and say that I’m generally a little iffy on shifter books. (I’m not sure I actually knew this was properly a shifter book until after I got the ARC.) As has always been my lot, I’m willing to give anything a few fair shots, just because the genres are so varied that it’s not fair to judge them all off of only one or two books. I’d seen a lot of good things about Logan Keys, one of the co-authors, and so I figured this was a safe one to start with.


June 7, 2017


I’m fairly certain I picked this up from a BookBub promotion probably a couple years ago now (okay, I just checked and I exaggerate, it’s only been almost a year) but it’s another that I have no clue why I picked it up. It’s continuing on in my apparent interest in reality TV show style books, but this is a little more rustic.

This was one hell of a ride.


May 10, 2017


So this is an author you’ve heard me talk about before, because she’s a friend of mine and I love her work! SO… when I got word that she needed some help spreading the news about her brand new book cover, I jumped at the chance! I’ll put the picture below the cut, and leave you with a fun factoid from the author herself:

Before you check out the amazing cover, there are two details I absolutely love; be on the lookout for them. One, the model’s hands appear to be in motion, almost as if he’s signing. Two, my amazing graphic artist managed to add a hearing aid, as Devon himself normally wears two.



February 10, 2017

Fiction Friday: Even Broken Hearts

So I’m a little early for Valentine’s day, but the post you’ll read on Monday got me inspired, so here’s a little FF treat for you. It’s the same characters as from the romance chapter from last Friday, just at a different point in their lives. I’m a sucker for an HEA, so I doubt this is spoilers, but…just so you know…at least for this piece, they’re together. Do with that information what you will. Enjoy!

“I don’t want to be morbid.”

“It’s not morbid!” I looked over at her, and somehow she managed to look sincere. “I know how important she is to you. I’m not going to expect her to just vanish from your brain.”


February 3, 2017

Chapter 1 – Experiment

So I’m writing a romance novel, slowly but surely. I’ll likely publish it under a different name (because…reasons) but I’ll share the first chapter of it with you here. Maybe you’ll find it on your shelves someday…

We meet our male protagonist here: Nathan. He’s got a long history of being in my head, and I’m excited to give him his own story.


September 30, 2016

(Talking About) Fiction Friday: Romances

So a couple days ago, I launched into a Twitter bonanza about romance novels and the way the heroines usually look. (We got into heroes later, but this is where we started. I had clicked on one of my innumerable BookBub links, and was checking out some trilogy. (I’m not really looking for trilogies, but it was the only free thing in the list that looked interesting.)

And what caught me was the description of the leading lady–since they repeated it in, I think, all three book blurbs.


September 23, 2016

Fiction Friday: Away from Home Turf

I don’t get a chance to write too much with the characters who aren’t Alistair in REVOLUTION, so I figured this is an good a place as any to flesh out a few of the characters we don’t see as much of. And since Esme is a character out of her element, as it were, among all these vampires, I figured I’d give my wolfy friend some time in the spotlight. Enjoy!


September 14, 2016


(I have no idea what’s up with the title. I got it under the first title, it’s on Goodreads as the second title… I don’t know what’s up, so you get both. Yay?)

I love any kind of story that balances on family dynamics. One of my all-time favorite stories I ever worked on with a friend dealt with two brothers in love with the same girl. Family problems can be some of the most fun, because they are so ingrained and so core to who these people are, that it can push them away from all the other answers. Needless to say, hand me a story where a girl means to end up with one twin and finds herself with the other…yeah, I wasn’t going to let that one get away.

And it’s another story that when I looked back at some of the other reviews, I was a little confused.


August 31, 2016

BOOK REVIEW: ROYAL by Winter Renshaw

I picked this book up (I’m pretty sure from BookBub) for free sometime recently. I’m not surprised, honestly. Some of these books I look at the cover and I have no memory of the plot summary or why I decided it was a good idea to get it. I really do try not to just download every free book; it’s really got to catch my attention at this point to win a place on the Kindle.

Not ROYAL. For whatever reason, this one stuck with me. (For whatever reason. C’mon, Rion. Don’t kid yourself.)


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