Chapter 1 – Experiment

So I'm writing a romance novel, slowly but surely. I'll likely publish it under a different name (because...reasons) but I'll share the first chapter of it with you here. Maybe you'll find it on your shelves someday... We meet our male protagonist here: Nathan. He's got a long history of being in my head, and … Continue reading Chapter 1 – Experiment

What’s Next?

I always seem to run into the same problem right about now. I’ve essentially recovered from the chaos and madness of November, had all of the holidays to rest, and now I’m ready to get back on track--not only with stuff like my eating, but also my writing. I want to have a new project, … Continue reading What’s Next?

New Projects in the Future

So a while back in this post, I started talking about a slow-burn project I was thinking of. (Because of course, the best time for new ideas to spring up is between November 1-7.) I still poked at it a little during November but not a ton, and now that December is here and I … Continue reading New Projects in the Future