FICTION FRIDAY: Prompt – Invasion

I love fiction prompts. I don't work with them nearly enough, but some of my favorite things have come out of prompts I had in workshops. And since I've been struggling to figure out what to share here on Fridays, I figured hey! I've got some books with prompts in them. Why not pick some … Continue reading FICTION FRIDAY: Prompt – Invasion


FICTION FRIDAY: Game Script-ish

So in order to get to know my characters a bit better for the "dating sim" game I'm working on writing, I've been taking scenes that could potentially happen much later in the game, and just writing them out full story style. A lot of these are pretty far into the romance line of the … Continue reading FICTION FRIDAY: Game Script-ish


So, this thing exploded onto the Internet while I wasn't paying attention, and finally a couple months ago probably, I decided to go see what all the hubbub was about, this "Mystic Messenger" thing. I was not in the least bit expecting what I got. (And since I still haven't finished my book, you get … Continue reading APP REVIEW: MYSTIC MESSENGER

New Projects in the Future

So a while back in this post, I started talking about a slow-burn project I was thinking of. (Because of course, the best time for new ideas to spring up is between November 1-7.) I still poked at it a little during November but not a ton, and now that December is here and I … Continue reading New Projects in the Future