Plans for 2017

So with the end of the year coming up, (how did that happen) I want to look back at the year and see what I did well and what I'd like to improve on for next year. RECAP GOOOOOO In terms of reading I'm finally much closer to where I'd like to be. I fell … Continue reading Plans for 2017


New Projects in the Future

So a while back in this post, I started talking about a slow-burn project I was thinking of. (Because of course, the best time for new ideas to spring up is between November 1-7.) I still poked at it a little during November but not a ton, and now that December is here and I … Continue reading New Projects in the Future

Fiction Friday: Old Projects and New

So I never did end up sharing with all of you any/much of my NaNo project, but I can at least fill you in on what I did this November! I took on a bit of a challenge--I think I've mentioned this before--and wrote a project in which there were only two characters, and one … Continue reading Fiction Friday: Old Projects and New