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September 13, 2017


I received a copy of this story through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

I had absolutely no idea of what to expect when confronted with this story. It sounded interesting, so I requested it and it found its way to my Kindle. The description gives away very little (including not telling me something that I would have enjoyed knowing going in) but I’m usually up for an adventure.

And…well, this was certainly an adventure of some sort. THERE ARE POTENTIAL SPOILERS (so to speak) BENEATH THE CUT. BE FOREWARNED. (tl;dr rating: *** – Worth a Look)



September 4, 2017

So About That Reading Challenge…

So I’ve found a bunch of lists that have Ideas For Blog Posts (for us people who can’t come up with enough things to talk about) and I was going back through my old posts to make sure I didn’t repeat any topics–or at least if I did, they were topics I hadn’t talked about in a while. It was there that I came across my post from earlier this year, talking about not making excuses about not having enough time, and how sure I was that I was going to reach my Goodreads goal of 75 books this year.

So I looked at my Goodreads challenge list, and as of today I’ve read thirty-five books, and am considered 14 books behind. …oops?


June 14, 2017


I did it! I finally read the damn thing! Everyone should be very proud of me.

It’s an interesting departure for me, given that my only experience before this with Wendig’s writing (that isn’t a tweet or blog post) was the Heartland trilogy. And Miriam Black and her world aren’t even remotely close to that kind of world.

And…I don’t know. Sometimes it worked, and other times it didn’t. I’m a little torn.


June 7, 2017


I’m fairly certain I picked this up from a BookBub promotion probably a couple years ago now (okay, I just checked and I exaggerate, it’s only been almost a year) but it’s another that I have no clue why I picked it up. It’s continuing on in my apparent interest in reality TV show style books, but this is a little more rustic.

This was one hell of a ride.


March 8, 2017


(Full disclosure: I do know the author, but I purchased the book on my own and was not asked to review it–in fact, he told me he was afraid for me to read it!¬†This is my honest review.)

I wanted this to come out last week, since the author just released his rebranded version of the third book last Friday, but alas. My schedule hates me and doesn’t want me to have nice things. Sorry, dude. At least I tried?

This is not the first time this book has been on the market. First sold as THE DRAGON SCALE LUTE, I know fellow reviewers who have seen the originals, and have hard copies of what it used to be. When I approached the author to read and review myself, he urged me to wait until he had the new versions done and uploaded. Since my TBR is notoriously full, I didn’t mind waiting. Now that the titles are renewed, refocused, and recovered, I was keen to dive into the world I’d heard talked about so much.


January 23, 2017

Don’t Tell Me You Don’t Have Time

So for the first time–I think–in my entire tenure as a NetGalley reviewer, I actually have a feedback ratio above 80%. Woo! (This is where they recommend your ratio to be.) It’s not come without some effort, and it should get higher as I continue to review some of the books I have. But oh my gosh, I can’t say how exciting it was to finally look at my page and see that.


October 12, 2016


Laura and I have seen each other around social media for a while now (and she’s proven to be an excellent critique partner; if ever I write more of Rem and Sam’s romance, it’ll be thanks to her) so when she started talking about this book, I was incredibly excited to read it. Not just because I know that she’s a talented author (though she is!) but because I knew it was going to be an incredibly accurate representation of one of my favorite kinds of stories. See, Laura herself is Hard of Hearing–and her characters reflect her knowledge of that world.

Have I mentioned I’m in love with ASL? Maybe a few times? Okay, good. Because I AM IN LOVE WITH ASL.


June 20, 2016

Dear Non-Reader…

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At the end of last month, I believe, the Goodreads group for Tuesday Talks asked us to make a video explaining to the non-readers of the world what we thought they were missing. I had some trouble trying to orient my thoughts into something that made sense in a video, and I figured I’d try a bit later here on the blog. I don’t promise much coherence, but I’ll do my best.


October 22, 2014

I’ve Got Some Books On My Shelf…

…and I’d like to wipe them out.

Yes, you heard me. I want these books off of my shelf. I want the whole shelf to be empty. I want all the books gone.


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