I am not lost…

September 4, 2017

So About That Reading Challenge…

So I’ve found a bunch of lists that have Ideas For Blog Posts (for us people who can’t come up with enough things to talk about) and I was going back through my old posts to make sure I didn’t repeat any topics–or at least if I did, they were topics I hadn’t talked about in a while. It was there that I came across my post from earlier this year, talking about not making excuses about not having enough time, and how sure I was that I was going to reach my Goodreads goal of 75 books this year.

So I looked at my Goodreads challenge list, and as of today I’ve read thirty-five books, and am considered 14 books behind. …oops?



January 23, 2017

Don’t Tell Me You Don’t Have Time

So for the first time–I think–in my entire tenure as a NetGalley reviewer, I actually have a feedback ratio above 80%. Woo! (This is where they recommend your ratio to be.) It’s not come without some effort, and it should get higher as I continue to review some of the books I have. But oh my gosh, I can’t say how exciting it was to finally look at my page and see that.


June 1, 2016

On Reading and Reviewing Books

I know, I know. This isn’t a book review like I’ve promised. The honest fact of the matter is that I haven’t gotten through a book in time for today. (Okay, that’s not entirely true, but the book I did read recently is an ARC and the review doesn’t go up for a while now. Oops.) So I figured I’d talk a little about what I’ve realized about reading and reviewing since the beginning of the year.


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