I’ve Got Some Books On My Shelf…

…and I’d like to wipe them out.

Yes, you heard me. I want these books off of my shelf. I want the whole shelf to be empty. I want all the books gone.

Here’s the bookshelf that lives next to my desk:



Don’t mind the cat food. I share my space, as any good cat owner does.

But this is my shelf of books that I specifically want to read, and have not read yet. Many of these books have been on my shelf for a very long time, and I still haven’t read them. Most of the top shelf are books that I brought home from Ireland from the authors I visited. (I will admit, there are at least…5 books on here that I have read, and just mean to read again, but I know they’re lower priority.) The book at the very bottom right is the 3rd book in a series (I won it in a giveaway by Denise Drespling) and I still have to get/read the first two.

I’m tired of having all these books not read. I want to read them all and finally be able to start on the books on my Nook (like the rest of the Song of Ice and Fire series) and the books I have packed away that I haven’t read yet (like the Wheel of Time series). There are new books coming out every day, and books I have on Goodreads that authors have asked me to read and I haven’t had a chance to yet, and more books I haven’t even heard of yet.

It’s about time I wiped all this “unread” out of my Goodreads ledger. (And yes, all this is said with a Black Widow tongue-in-cheek.)

I know that avid readers and writers talk about this problem all the time. I’ve seen plenty of pictures. But I like my very present indication of my goals, and the progress I can make toward them. That being said, it probably doesn’t help that the book I’m actively reading isn’t in that picture, nor is the other new book I bought with it. (Whoops?)

What about all of you? How many unread/to-read books do you have? What are you reading right now? Talk to me! Tell me what’s up in the comments. Shelf aside, I’m always looking for new books to read!


One thought on “I’ve Got Some Books On My Shelf…

  1. Oh my goodness, yes. So much yes!!! I feel like I don’t read enough and my “to-read” list grows and grows. I’d guess that, of the books I own and are sitting in my house right now, I’ve read maybe 10-15% of them. Despite that, when I pick up a new book to read, do I go to the ones I own? Nope. I go to the library or buy a new (or used) one. I consider myself a collector of unread books. (And I kind of hate that 😦 )

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