I Write Books to Conquer This World

So as a general rule, I've always considered that quality is worth more than quantity in the writing world. If you have a hundred books out but all of them tell the exact same story and are garbage, then I don't care that you might have fifty best-sellers. But take authors like Harper Lee, who … Continue reading I Write Books to Conquer This World


Dear Non-Reader…

At the end of last month, I believe, the Goodreads group for Tuesday Talks asked us to make a video explaining to the non-readers of the world what we thought they were missing. I had some trouble trying to orient my thoughts into something that made sense in a video, and I figured I'd try … Continue reading Dear Non-Reader…

Vlogs and the Video World

I'm not sure if I've touched on this before, but since I wrote two blogs last week and almost forgot to write one this week because of it, I suppose I need to say SOMETHING! Ahem. So let's talk about something I've been wondering about for a while. I have at least one friend (Denise … Continue reading Vlogs and the Video World