Voice Work pt 1 – The Beginning

So through M.C.A. Hogarth's Patreon, I'm involved with the Discord channel dedicated to her and her works--which allows me contact not only with her, but an immense group of amazing friends and talents who I adore more than I can ever explain. As I sat this weekend and realized that I'd run out of blog … Continue reading Voice Work pt 1 – The Beginning


I've been toying with this idea for a little while, essentially since someone from my past had a whole faux conversation with me about how this might happen and why. I don't remember most (if really any) of our original conversation, and unlike most other correspondence with my friends, this actually happened aloud, so it's … Continue reading FICTION FRIDAY: Origin Story

One Day I’ll Come Back

So since I'm really a one trick pony, I'm still talking about Pok√©mon. ūüôā Consider yourself forewarned. This isn't REALLY about Pok√©mon, nor about Pok√©Go. This is about the fact that I've been delving back into my childhood through my Pok√©mon CDs and music. It's been bringing back some interesting thoughts: of course Dratini is … Continue reading One Day I’ll Come Back