Memory vs. Reality, IRL Edition

I'm jumping back into a topic I was talking a lot about earlier, but it's been a while, so now you've forgotten how manically I was posting about Pokémon there for a while. You didn't forget? Well poop. Sorry? In any event, this is something I came across back when I was relaunched into … Continue reading Memory vs. Reality, IRL Edition


One Day I’ll Come Back

So since I'm really a one trick pony, I'm still talking about Pokémon. 🙂 Consider yourself forewarned. This isn't REALLY about Pokémon, nor about PokéGo. This is about the fact that I've been delving back into my childhood through my Pokémon CDs and music. It's been bringing back some interesting thoughts: of course Dratini is … Continue reading One Day I’ll Come Back