The Revolution Begins

There was a period in my life where I'm not sure I thought this day was ever going to come. Granted, the day I'm referring to isn't until tomorrow, but still. I've been a writer in one form or another since I was in...what, first or second grade? I got "serious" about it when I … Continue reading The Revolution Begins


Read My Book, Please

Any time I get a chance to speak to a published author, whether they be traditionally published or not, I always have a tendency to ask the same question. I ask because I still haven't really gotten a good answer, and it's an important one to me. Particularly since it's likely that I'm going to … Continue reading Read My Book, Please

Chasing the Elusive “Idea”

So in my quest to be a more-published author, I routinely wander off and look for places accepting submissions. I'm not fantastic at short stories, but I've gotten a bit better and it's easier to find places accepting those than trying to find somewhere your little niche book will fit in. But here is the … Continue reading Chasing the Elusive “Idea”

Constructive Criticism and You: A Handy Guide

Hey look! I'm writing something that isn't a book review! And it's not going to post on a Wednesday! THAT WORLD MUST BE COMING TO AN END If that's the case, I'll give you a cute picture and then put the rest below the cut, so you don't need to see my ugly death. Okay? … Continue reading Constructive Criticism and You: A Handy Guide

How to Quit Your Job and Make Millions as an Indie Author

Because it's just that simple. I've seen too many articles like this. Stories with titles exactly like or very close to that, who talk about having a spark of inspiration, deciding to leave everything behind and write a book. Inevitably they poke out something that looks like a book, feed it to a few agents, … Continue reading How to Quit Your Job and Make Millions as an Indie Author