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October 31, 2016


So here we are, Wrimos. It’s Hallowe’en (happy holiday! I’m probably at work while you read this, lol) and we are mere hours away from the first of November and the beginning of the crazy journey that is the National Novel Writing Month. Are you ready? Have you prepared enough, have your girded your pants enough, have you stockpiled enough random treats to last you a month locked away in your office?

…I know I haven’t. But we’ve got (maybe) the start of a plot, a character, and a setting. I’d like to take these last few hours to do some final checks and reminders before we blast off into NaNo-Space.

(The theme this year is astronauts. Did you know that? So cool.)



August 22, 2016

Chasing the Elusive “Idea”

So in my quest to be a more-published author, I routinely wander off and look for places accepting submissions. I’m not fantastic at short stories, but I’ve gotten a bit better and it’s easier to find places accepting those than trying to find somewhere your little niche book will fit in. But here is the trouble I’ve run into. Generally when I write, I’m writing whatever happens to inspire me at the moment. Elves, rockstars, British dudes…whatever the case may be, I just write about that.

So how, even when you find an interesting prompt to submit to, do you come up with an idea?


August 8, 2016

When the Words Won’t Come

I know I’ve talked about writing through depression before, but I’m not sure I’ve talked much about what we’d all consider “writer’s block.” I can’t remember; I know I’ve talked about it somewhere, and it was probably here, but HEY LET’S DO IT AGAIN.

That feeds into what I’m talking about anyway. I can make it work.


March 28, 2016

They Say to Write What You Know

I’m generally of the mind to take the phrase “write what you know” with a grain of salt. I’m a fantasy writer, even if the “fantasy” means the daydreams of a high school kid. But with several of my jobs, I’ve spent more than a few days saying “oh god, if I wrote a book about what happens here…”

As you may have noticed, I’ve started doing this with the café I work with.


August 7, 2014

Failure, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Process

Anyone? C’mon, someone tell me they get the title. Please?

*ahem* In any event. So this past month was the second summer session for Camp NaNoWriMo. As you all may know, I’m a huge supporter and fan of the November NaNo proper, and have served as an ML for two years now. However, my endeavors to dive into a cabin with some other campers and write in the summer?

Well…let’s just say I’m not in the winner’s tent this time around.


July 30, 2014

Inspiration Wednesday: Other Authors

All right, I promise that one of these days I’ll stop harping on and on about one author over and over again. But I wanted to write this up, and this seems like a good enough place. It almost takes over Thursday’s post about writing as well, but I won’t let it. But the simple version of this week’s inspiration is just this: In order to be good writers, we not only have to write a lot…but we also have to read a lot. It’s one of the most commonly repeated bits of advice I’ve heard in all my various sources and talks and classes. It’s a simple equation: if we want to write books, we have to read some to know what we’re writing. And what better way to find inspiration than in some of our favorite authors? I’ll be looking at a few authors over time, but this post is devoted to the one author I’m sure my readers are absolutely sick of hearing about: M.C.A. Hogarth. (I’M SORRY. I JUST REALLY LIKE HER.) But she’s getting this honor over the others for a very interesting reason.


April 11, 2014

How to Write When You Can’t, or: Defeating the Kobayashi Maru

This is another of my somewhat lazy blog posts, but I think it’s a good reflection to put up here, especially given my silence in the blogging world this week. Again, this has been copy and pasted from my weekly inspirational newsletter. Contact me directly if you are interested in receiving the emails.


January 24, 2014

Procrastination vs. Writer’s Block

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So, I have a four item long to-do list for today. I’ve completed one item so far – purchasing a piece of equipment for my audio work.

Let’s look at that. I’ve done one, probably 10-minute task if I’m being generous, in…4 hours.

Sure, I can say “oh, but I ate dinner in there, so that’s time I couldn’t be working” and “at least some of that was RIGHT AFTER WORK and really, some de-stressing time is good for people” and winnow it down to maybe 3 hours of wasted time. But that’s still 3 hours, where I wasn’t working. Wasn’t writing; all of these tasks are writing tasks. Can I say I have writer’s block? That I haven’t done anything on my essay because I don’t know what I want to say? That I haven’t plotted out that blog because I’m not sure how I want to say it, and after all, it’s not going to be posted until tomorrow anyway so don’t I have time…?

Yes. I can. But that’s not actually what’s happening.


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