Chapter 12 is Live!

Good afternoon, ladies, gents, and everyone in-between and elsewhere! It is Friday, so it is time for CHAPTER 12 of Quest to Karantiri! See the chapter here, or start with the prologue here if you haven’t read before.

Ready for the teaser? Check out below the cut…

It was a throne room, just as decadent as the floor was, with a pair of elegant chairs at the forefront, one occupied and the other empty. This…this was exactly what Celita had dreamed of. A room filled with riches and beauty, reflecting all that she’d never seen, with someone at the front of it all, looking beautiful and strange and altogether not what she’d been expecting.

Though, she’d met them under different circumstances in her daydreams.

Now it was night, and only the soft light from the shine of the stars danced on the floor before her, though as they entered, a few candles were lit by other guards standing around. The flickering amber glow from the flames lit the room just enough to allow Celita to see the face of the figure seated on the throne. It was a man, sharply beautiful in his perfection, with long light hair held back in a braid. His attire was more loose and casual-appearing than Celita might have thought – but then again, this was the middle of the night.

Oh Miria, I’ve woken the Caller. She could feel her face flush.

Ah, so we finally meet the elven ruler! This should be interesting to say the least!

And of course, your Friday cat picture. The next several are courtesy of my boss at work, Andi. This is one of her kitties!

Beautiful Prozac baby.
Meet Nellie! She’s the scaredy-cat of that family. Poor kitten. But she liked me okay!

See you all on Wednesday!


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