Let’s Talk Favorites

One of my most dreaded questions whenever someone finds out that I'm a reader is "so what's your favorite book?" or its brother question, "so who's your favorite author?" I have absolutely no idea how to answer this question, because for most of my life, I've never had an answer. I have someone I could … Continue reading Let’s Talk Favorites


FICTION FRIDAY: Thimbleful–Shadow of a Doubt

So my good friend Lyn Thorne-Alder (you've seen this name before, I promise) runs a nifty little running blog-thing called Thimbleful Thursday. She posts an idiom (at least usually, I'm not sure if she's using other things yet or not) and then a projected word count. These are flash fiction levels of words, so I … Continue reading FICTION FRIDAY: Thimbleful–Shadow of a Doubt

Bad Blurbs Don’t Sell Books

This has been something stewing in the back of my mind for quite a while now, and I've actually talked about it so many times in so many different places, I just went back to make sure I hadn't actually written the blog already. I think I've talked before (I know I have on the … Continue reading Bad Blurbs Don’t Sell Books

Blog Hop Stop: Here Off the Beaten Path

Well, I don't quite have the accolades that my dear friend Amanda over at The Spotted Writer has, but I've been dutifully plugging away at this blog consistently since January of 2013, and off and on since 2008. I have no awards save my NaNoWriMo winner sheets, and haven't done much in the way of … Continue reading Blog Hop Stop: Here Off the Beaten Path