So let's take the character from Monday's adventure, and start throwing him into some mess, shall we? You'll see as I start to write this how quickly the rest of the world begins to form around him, how setting and character and plot start to get all jumbled up together. I've tried to keep this … Continue reading NANO FICTION FRIDAY: Dana Cantrell


What You See and What You Get

I'm not positive, but I feel like I've probably mentioned the video game UNDERTALE on this blog before. (Almost put "channel." Can you tell I'm on YouTube too much?) It's an amazing game with some of the best cause-and-effect mechanics I've ever seen in a video game. But more than that, I've always been impressed … Continue reading What You See and What You Get

Tell Me Why I Should Care About You

(As a side note: as of May 1st, my car has--we're fairly certain--completely died. Something has croaked in the engine and for a 17 year old car, I can't afford to replace the engine. The trouble is, neither can I afford a new car. As such, I'm having to crash away from my apartment and … Continue reading Tell Me Why I Should Care About You

What’s In A Name?

Names have always been important in my writing. I say time and time again that characters come to me first, and that usually starts with a name. (This does lead to many of my characters having similar names, which is...something I'm working on.) Add into this my time dabbling in Lyn Thorne-Alder's world of Addergoole, … Continue reading What’s In A Name?

Tell Me What You Remember

I've not made a secret out of the fact that character development is something to which I've devoted way too much of my life. I was obsessed with character surveys. I've done star charts for characters--and then altered things depending on how accurate it was. I did my entire undergraduate thesis on the concept. And yet … Continue reading Tell Me What You Remember

Alternate Storytelling: Video Games

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw me retweet this excellent blog post from Chuck Wendig looking at the game Firewatch and how it tells a story, and what we can learn from its methods. I've seen a lot of mixed reviews on Firewatch, and I can see the truth in both sides. … Continue reading Alternate Storytelling: Video Games

BOOK REVIEW: Trust Me by Earl Javorsky

Jeff Fenner's life is on the brink of collapse. He owes the wrong people too much money, anything he might call his own he's losing his grip on, and his estranged sister has just committed suicide. The police are on his trail and it won't lead anywhere Jeff is ready to go. There's no light … Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: Trust Me by Earl Javorsky