Serial Update: Chapter 6

Yes, it’s Friday again, which means that a new chapter of Quest to Karantiri is up on my official website! Check out Chapter 6 here, and make sure to read the previous chapters as well. Feel free to comment on them and let me know how you like the story. Share it with your friends, spread the word.

Here’s a sneak peek at the chapter below the cut.

“What do you mean, delayed?” Celita was mortified. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“I’m sorry, dear.” Tallinn at least had the grace to look abashed.

“But you promised!” Celita’s winter celebration had been scheduled to take place on the same day as the Final Feast – a rare gift for a child. Since all births were celebrated by winters, families picked dates between the Harvest Festival and the Final Feast to act as celebration days – but each year, five children were chosen by the elders to have a special celebration on the day of the Feast. Often, it went to children turning sixteen and thus coming of age, but there hadn’t been five of that age this year. So Celita had been chosen.

And now she was being told that the celebration was being delayed, and no child was having their party on the festival day.

“It’s not just you, love – I’ve told you. The lord from Kelendir is coming, and we can’t very well have him sit through birth day celebrations with us when he’s supposed to be seeing over the festival.”

“Why does he have to look at the festival anyway?” Celita waved her arms in frustration. “Can’t we just have the festival on our own? What does the king care about our feast?”

I’m particularly keen on the plot line this begins to open up. Who knows what the lord of Kelendir might bring…

And, since I didn’t last week, here are some lovely kitty pictures for you. This time it’s two cats that friends of mine from back in NY own.

Named for Misha Collins.
This is Misha. He is always on the run, so he’s hard to get a picture of.
Named for Jason Gideon of Criminal Minds.
This is Gideon. He is the most pathetic of cats. Also polydactyl!

Enjoy the chapter, and I’ll see you all on Monday on the other blog. Have a good weekend!


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